Judith Neilly DOMP, RMT

Judith Neilly Liberty VillageI graduated from Sutherland-Chan Massage and Hydrotherapy College in 1990 with an added Diploma in N.I.S.A. (Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment) a fascial technique related to Rolfing. Over the years I have studied many therapies including Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger), Visceral Manipulation (Jean-Pierre Barral), Lymph Drainage (Bruno Chikly), Brainspotting (David Grand) etc. only to discover that I had covered most of the Osteopathy curriculum. I received a Diploma of Osteopathy Manual Practise from The Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy with Igor Norets in 2008.

Currently my interests and studies have led me to Finland where Tomas Jung and I are undertaking a mutual mentorship. Tomas is teaching me a technique that works with the unique connection between the Connective Tissue (fascia) and the Nervous System. We are exploring how this integrates with Craniosacral and Visceral techniques.

In the last two years Lynda and Michael Thompson of the ADD Centre have been an invaluable resource for Neurobiofeedback. We have been able to assess and treat different but related aspects of brain and body injuries, for example the effects of whiplash with concussion. I will take the Neurofeedback training in May 2015 to gain a deeper understanding of their work.

After 25 years in practise I feel like I am just beginning to find a blend of techniques that gives depth to an integrative approach that will meet the unique and individual health needs of those who come to me for treatment. I am also equally supportive and willing to refer clients to other therapies and practitioners when necessary. My clients range in age from newborn to 99 years and come from very diverse life experiences.

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