I have been working with clients and patients throughout the GTA in the health and wellness industry since 2006. Through both my own personal experiences, and my clients, I developed a holistic approach to fitness, health and therapeutics. Although my introduction to rehabilitation began as a movement specialist, I was always searching for a deeper understanding of anatomy, physiology, and mechanics. This led me to enrolment at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy; a school which embraces the classical approach to osteopathic care. It is this with the philosophy and principles left by the founder of the profession, Andrew Taylor Still, and the original osteopaths that I treat. In 1902 BA Duffield, an early American osteopath described osteopathy in terms that are perfectly worded for the way classically trained osteopaths treat:

“Osteopathy is a scientific method of healing by skillful manipulation of the human body, based on a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology, by which the operator is enabled to trace effects to their cause and remove them, thus restoring harmony throughout the body – which is health” JAOA 1902, vol. 1 p.253

When not pursuing personal and professional interests in health & wellness, I like to spend time being active outdoors walking, running, riding my bike, or skiing.

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